March 10, 2013

Smart Solution Organizer To Keep All Your Stuff

Nowadays, an organized life is as important as finding riches. We tend to buy and own many things year after year, but on the downside, we can't find a time to organize our stuff. If you are those who think 24 hours a day is not enough to use, you could belong to this group.

Getting a good pouch with many compartments are a basic need. Either you are traveling or going to work or gym, if your stuff are rightly placed and easily accessible, you will save those little time and lessen your anxiety of not finding things.

We have the Smart Solution Organizer to help out our "helpless" friend when it comes to organizing. The Smart Solution Organizer can be used to stuff essentially all your carry-along gadgets, of course except your 15-inch or 17-inch laptop. The size of the organizer when stuffed with things is 280mm x 75mm x 175mm.

The organizer is made of water resistant nylon material, with matching plastic zippers. When not in used, it can be made flattened with the buttons on its sides. You can either carry it using the handle or chuck into your tote bag. Now everything is packed in one organizer, and reaching for them becomes easier.


February 03, 2013

Sling Bag Way To Enjoy Holiday With Your Kids

Everyone says that Legoland Malaysia is a hot place. I went there last weekend, and fully agree with this statement. It is hot in terms of the weather and number of visitors. There were many visitors that day though it was a working day, and a handful of them were visitors from our neighbouring countries. I can't imagine the situation during the last school holiday season when it was THE place to bring your kids to.


It was a super tired day for me after spending almost 7 hours walking, playing and attending to kids. The backpack that I carried added the burden to my sweaty body. I had an umbrella, a few water bottles, some snacks and some kids stuff in my bag. The only time it was not on shoulder was during lunch.

Then, I remembered about a sling bag that was introduced to me many months back. It is known as Terminus EZ Body Bag. I found this bag to be very user friendly, light weight and spacious enough to put all my stuff without much issue. It can be carried on one shoulder or sling across the body.

The beauty of this bag is that it was designed for both right handed and south paw users. The bag has the same type of compartment which ever side you are carrying on your shoulder. Reaching for things inside the bag is much easier than a backpack because you just need to swing the bag conveniently around your body without needing to put it down.

I think it will make a good daddy/mommy bag, especially when you are going to places that requires you to carry walk a lot and carrying stuff for your kids. It is strongly recommended if you are planning to go to Legoland in the coming school holidays, or even Disneyland.

January 30, 2013

Terminus Laptop Backpack: Light & Easy, Tough But Sassy

I am a user of the Terminus Cityslicker laptop backpack, and I must confess that I have no regret buying it. Previously, I used the Swissgear brand bag that was bought in China. Though the price is more competitive than Terminus, the quality is not up to that standard.

One of the features that I am impressed with this bag is the lightweight feeling when carrying on my shoulder. The bag by itself, with all its contents such as laptop, charger, bottle, and other accessories is quite heavy. I would say mine easily weighs about 5~6 kg. However, when I carry it on my shoulder, it just felt light and I can feel the weight is distributed towards the upper and lower back portion. This is why the area is padded quite heavily and shaped according to the body contour. What seems heavy on the hand, doesn't feel so on the shoulder.

In my previous bag, I had a problem of inner lining material falling off after a while. From time to time, you will feel that all your stuff is covered with tiny bits of mesh. This happened for bag with the inner layer laminated with water-proof material. Over time, they will become deteriorated. However, this doesn't happen in Terminus because the internal compartment and pockets are lined with Nylon fabric material that also provides water proofing.

One of the interesting thoughts the designer put into this bag is the rain cover. This is very useful for people in Malaysia, especially in KL and PJ where people often commute using public transport or parking almost 400 to 500 meters away from their office. Even a decent umbrella is not big enough to cover the poor gal from getting either their body or bag wet. This is when the rain cover comes handy and helpful.

Ladies, especially like their bag to be able to carry a lot of things. This is applicable also to guys who are often on the go with their laptop bag. You will be surprised that this Terminus bag comes with 16 compartments in total for you to put all your stuff from laptop to thumbdrive. They are so cool, even the shoulder pad has a compartment for your iPod on both sides.

Terminus Cityslicker Laptop Backpack comes in 3 color scheme, plus a free Netbook and iPad Sleeve. It fits to become a modern must-have accessory for the new generation knowledge workers.

January 18, 2013

Color Influence in Life

Not many people would thought that colors can influence human behaviour. This is important for people who are in business, especially the retail and F&B (food and beverage) sectors. A study by gives good reference on how colors can influence someone to react towards buying something.

Most of the purchases are decided due visual appeals, and color played the most important role in this. Do you know that 85% of the shoppers make decision to buy certain product because they like the color? Using different colors at different times, stores can indirectly tune a shopper's mood into what they wanted the shoppers do.

For female, pink is usually chosen to represent them because it is soft and feminine in nature. However, according to an article in, the top 3 colors for female happened to be blue, purple and green.

It is interesting to know there is a recognition for the color of the year. For 2013, Pantone has that the color is Emerald and it is characterized as a color that is lively, radiant and lush.

January 15, 2013

Laptop Backpack: An Important Accessory

Laptop backpack is an interesting item. In fact, it is one of the most valuable item we dare to openly carry on our body. It is important to get the correct bag so that we don't feel burdened by the weight and no back ache then after.

There are many tips that can be found in the internet on choosing a laptop backpack and is one of the site that gives simple but useful tips. If you are a user, you will find them very useful. You will be surprised that a heavy laptop backpack can feel lighter when you carry on your back as compared to holding it with your hands. But in actual fact, the weight doesn't change. You might think, how is that possible? It lies in the good padding that helps in the weight distribution and carrying the backpack close to your body.

Nowadays, you tend to carry more gadgets and personal accessories wherever you go.
This is because we spend more time outside of our home, and it is frustrating when we need what we did not bring along. Hence, we tend to stash all our stuff into our laptop backpack, and this is also the reason why backpack has many customized compartments for these items so that they are easily put in and taken out.

When you are browsing through backpacks in the web or physical store, you will be spoilt for choice and you won't know how to differentiate among the bags. Maybe some might choose according to the brand, and some might go for the style and color scheme of their choice. Another way is to look for special features that is uncommon in normal backpacks, such as rain cover, in-built water bottle and solar panel for charging.

January 10, 2013

Fashion & Fascination With Matching Colours

Do you like to dress in a matching fashion? Sometimes it is interesting to see people going to the extend of having the same pattern on their dress, handbag, phone cover and shoes, practically from head to toe. I used to have a primary teacher who loves to dress in matching colors, and she looked classy and more stood out from the rest of the teachers.

It is quite fun though, as you can make a personal statement about your taste and preference on a particular day. You can go for either similar pattern, matching colors, or with your preferred brand all at one go. I think Louis Vuitton (LV) and Burberry are very successful in making people going into this direction. Their highly recognizable icon and pattern are printed all over the product and people tend to like it more when the icon is present.

Even famous celebrities are very much into this, such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

January 08, 2013

Drink Your Drinks Warm

Drinking cold water is quite satisfying, sometimes. You will be surprised that a sweet drink tend to taste less sweet when it's cold. You will also notice this when you take chocolate. Once it starts to melt, you will find it tastes sweeter than before.

According to some "interesting" reports on the internet, drinking cold or icy water is bad for health, especially after meal. I'm not sure if this is a fact or just old folks tales. It was said that the coldness will cause the oily stuff you ate to solidify and it becomes unwanted fats. There are also reports saying that this is a myth and total bullsxxt.

If you are a person who thinks very much on work, you will tend to have your breakfast or coffeee breaks at your desk. Your cup of coffee or tea will most likely sit on your desk waiting for you to drink it. It is definitely no fun drinking beverages that has become cold. You can see the layer of diluted milk slowing dispersing in the beverage.

I believe you must have heard your parents advising you to drink warm water at all times. Then you will retaliate saying "how can it be possible while I'm working and my office is cold"? Anyway, my advice is, listen to their advice.

January 04, 2013

Easy Mop : Mop With Ease; Clean and Dry

In the past, we used to have mops with wooden or steel handle and drying up the yarn requires twisting by hand. Then, we need to carry the bucket around the house which may weigh around 5kg, locating from one spot to another spot in the house. I'm sure Gen X and Y may have this experience or at least seen their mom or maid using it.

Mopping will never be the same again in this decade. With technology advancement, drying of the mop yarn will be effortless and no water contact with the hands at all. This is important for those (females particularly) who prefer not to get their hands wet for health reason.

I was introduced to Easy Mop 2 years back and mopping will never be as energy sapping as before. It is ergonomically designed and elegantly described as a hand pump multifunction rotating mop with user safety and comfort in mind. Back ache and accidental slipping from imbalance posture will be a thing of the past, putting a smile back to your face.

The handle grip is made of plastic for durability and handle bar is made of light weight aluminium. It can be easily adjusted to extend from 90cm to 120cm to suit to your height, with a plastic lock in the middle section.

The handle can be moved up-and-down vertically by your hand motion, and the mop yarn will correspondingly moves in a circular motion driven by an internal spiral beam system. The water is spinned out by the centrifugal force from just 2 to 3 spins. Effortless, yet elegant! Now it's the time to show your kids how mommy have fun "exercising".

The bucket has two compartments; one for dipping and another for drying of the mop yarn. The spinning drum in white is used for drying the yarn by spinning, where you just put the mop in and press downwards. 

The size of the bucket is 45cm x 30cm x 35cm, and it can be tucked into any corner of house. The drum and yarn are easily removable if you prefer to scrub the bucket or wash the yarn cleaner after each mopping session.

Currently, Easy Mop comes in dark blue color, and in future, we may introduce some interesting color hue to make the household product more appealing. You will get an additional mop yarn as a spare, giving you a peace of mind in case the first unit has expired. It can also be used as a quick replacement for dry mopping.

Be a proud owner of this Made-in-Malaysia product. Check out this link for the offer price for Easy Mop. Who says Malaysian products can't be cheap?